Top 8 Misconceptions about Exercise, Health, Fitness and Nutrition

#8. Misconception: Doing sit-ups or crunches will reduce the size of your stomach and get you that six-pack you have always wanted.

Doing sit-ups or crunches


This is absolute nonsense. The only six-pack you will see from doing sit-ups / crunches is if you sit your favorite beverage on top of your stomach while lying on the beach. Sit-ups / crunches have NO bearing on the reduction of your stomach. That is first and foremost a caloric and fat issue.

Here is how it works: Underneath the skin is fat and tissue; underneath the fat and tissue is your muscle. In order to see the muscle (i.e., six pack) the fat has to be reduced via decreased caloric in take.

Sit-ups / crunches will help to strengthen the muscles underneath the fat to help support your lower back. The ONLY way to reduce the size of your stomach is to incorporate the excellent healthy-eating plan, intense cardio workouts, and weight-lifting programs.