9 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

#9. You’ll Lose Weight

You’ll Lose Weight

One of the most immediate and arguably best reasons to stop drinking is weight loss. There are three big explanations for why you’ll start losing weight when you stop drinking.

First, alcohol is entirely made of empty calories, which means those calories don’t work for you like a complex carb that gives you sustained energy.

If you never thought about the liquid calories you’re drinking, take a look at these numbers:

  • Standard can of beer: 154 calories
  • Glass of white wine: 128 calories
  • Martini: 295 calories
  • Jack and Coke: 308 calories

If you stop drinking that martini during happy hour, you’ll save close to 300 calories each day, or 1,500 calories each work week!

See how quickly those calories add up? And that’s just from cutting one drink every weekday.

Here’s another thought: Have you ever noticed that you crave unhealthy fatty foods when you’re drinking?

Alcohol subdues our will power and makes us want foods we wouldn’t normally eat because our inhibitions are lowered. But here’s the worst part (yes, it gets worse!): when we drink alcohol, our body prioritizes digesting that toxin before anything else.

So if you’re enjoying that terrible fast food with your alcohol, those proteins, carbs, and fats are just going to sit there until all of the alcohol is burned off first.

If you keep drinking, your body stores all of your calories from food as fat. And those foods aren’t exactly low calorie to begin with, so think about all that fat accumulating in your belly and love handles.

When you stop drinking alcohol, you save calories, crave real food instead of junk food, and let your digestive system do its job by metabolizing food instead of alcohol.