6 Nutrients We Should Get to Build Stronger Bones

#5. Non-dairy Calcium

Non-dairy Calcium - Tofu

For people who have an allergy or intolerance to dairy produce, there are other sources of calcium:

  • Fish with small, edible bones, such as whitebait or sardines, and canned fish (if you eat the bones);
  • Green leafy vegetables (though not too much spinach, as it contains oxalates, which hinder calcium absorption);
  • Soy products in moderation, such as soy mince, tofu, and fortified soy milk and yogurt;
  • Almond milk, nuts, seeds, and tahini; dried fruits such as apricots;
  • okra;
  • fortified bread and orange juice.


Around 3 million people in the UK may have osteoporosis. While it’s often associated with women over 50, it can affect anyone – younger women, men, and even children – so we all need calcium.