6 Nutrients We Should Get to Build Stronger Bones

#6. Dairy Calcium

Dairy Calcium

Dairy produce is the best source of calcium. This includes milk, cheese, and yogurt. If you are trying to cut down your intake of saturated fat, skimmed milk has just as much calcium as whole milk.

Low-fat yogurts can be a little insipid (and often have added sugar), so you may prefer to have whole-milk or Greek yogurt for the creamy taste and reduce your fat intake elsewhere.

Lower-fat cheeses include mozzarella, cottage cheese, goat’s cheese, fromage frais, feta, ricotta, and Edam.


Bones density increases until our late 20s, but from 35 or so, it begins to decrease.

Calcium is key for adolescents, who gain over 20% of their adult height and 50% of their adult skeletal mass at this time.

Adults need 700mg of calcium a day to keep bones healthy – that’s the equivalent of a pint of milk. A five-year-old needs 450mg, or two glasses of milk a day.