15 Good Calories to Eat and Still Lose Weight

#15. Chicken and Turkey


After you overcome the Starvation Response, low-fat chicken or turkey is a Good Calorie food. You should avoid combining either with starch or fruit. Eat chicken or turkey during the noon meal.

All white meats, except wings, are acceptable. Skinless dark meats, except thighs, are also Good Calories. When possible, avoid the skin.

The major problem with poultry is that it has a high ratio of saturated to unsaturated fats. Therefore, you must be careful about combining poultry with starches.

#14. Rye Breads


Unlike breads made from wheat flour, rye bread has a low glycaemic index. Therefore, pumpernickel and rye breads are good substitutes for modern white breads.

Be careful though. Many pumpernickel and rye breads have more wheat flour than rye and thus have a greater fat-forming potential. The easiest way to tell which flour predominates is to examine the list of ingredients. If wheat flour is listed before rye flour, it means that there is more wheat flour in the bread.

Until this century, pumpernickel formed the basis of many European diets. Perhaps this is the reason why obesity is a modem phenomenon in those countries.

#13. Whole-Grain Breads


Substituting whole or cracked grains for milled flour lowers the glycaemic index of bread and can turn wheat bread from a Bad Calorie into a Good Calorie. However, just the addition of
kernels of whole grain does not guarantee that a wheat bread will have a low glycaemic index. The bread may have to consist of at least 50 per cent to 75 per cent whole kernels.

Many breads are marketed as whole-grain breads but are not composed of intact kernels. Rather, they contain milled flour made from the whole kernel. Although this type of flour increases the availability of certain nutrients, it does nothing to lower the glycaemic index of the bread.

There are two other ways to make wheat bread or other bakery products so they will be extremely low on the glycaemic index: by increasing the size of the wheat particles or by adding viscous fiber, such as guar gum. Unfortunately, none of the nationally distributed breads are prepared this way. However, the coarsely ground wheat breads in India are reported to have a glycaemic index that i only one-third that of modem bread. So it is not
impossible to prepare such breads commercially.

If you cannot find Good Calorie bread, you may have to make the difficult decision to give up bread. Bad Calorie breads are one of the prime contributors to the Starvation Response.