15 Bad Calories that Will Destroy Your Health

#12. Instant and Overcooked Rice

Instant and Overcooked Rice

Rice is a Good Calorie, but instant rice is a Bad Calorie. Instant rice has twice the fat-forming potential of regular rice. If there is any question as to whether a rice is instant, examine the uncooked grains. If the grains are smooth, they are probably regular rice; if they are rough, they are probably instant.

Overcooking rice can double its fat-forming potential, creating a Bad Calorie. The glutenous rice found in many Chinese restaurants is over-cooked, as is the rice found in many convenience foods, frozen and packaged. These rice dishes are easily identified because the rice grains are not firm and they instantly coagulate into lumpy masses.

When you encounter convenience foods based on rice, it sometimes helps to cook them for less than the recommended time. Then you should examine the cooked product. If the rice grains do not coagulate, your cooking methods have helped it become a Good Calorie.

#11. Corn

Corn Dish

Modem corn was developed to fatten cattle for market. Therefore, it should be no surprise that com creates high amounts of blood sugar and fat. Both fresh corn and corn products, such as com chips and corn flakes, should be avoided.

Just as with white potatoes, it is sometimes hard to resist corn on the cob with a light coating of olive oil. However, it is only recommended to eat it only when the rest of the meal is low in fat.

#10. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast Cereals

A morning bowl of cereal is one of the principal causes of obesity. Most breakfast cereals are made from wheat or corn flour and exhibit the high glycaemic indexes common to these products. Likewise, puffed rice has the same high glycaemic index as rice cakes. Cereals with high glycaemic indexes are why many of us feel so bad in the morning.

Frequently, we follow cereal with an order of eggs, another source of protein. This combination of protein and starch is extremely fattening.

Starting the day with cereal evokes high levels of insulin and ensures that lunch and supper will create extra fat since breakfast has activated your fat-forming enzymes.

Slow-cooked oatmeal appears to be a safe breakfast cereal. But this does not mean that other oat cereals are Good Calories. The food processing involved in converting oats into instant oatmeal, flakes, or other forms of dry cereals raises their glycaemic index to that of sugar. The oats in granola, muesli, and even oat-bran cereals are equally bad; all these cereals have high glycaemic indexes. High fiber bran cereals, however are generally Good Calories.