15 Bad Calories that Will Destroy Your Health


15Salads with High-fat Salad Dressings

High-fat salad dressing is enough to ruin your entire meal. The common ingredients in a green salad – lettuce and tomatoes – have almost no calories. Therefore, the salad dressing determines the majority of the caloric content of the salad. Because most salad dressings are high in fat, they make the entire salad into a Bad Calorie choice.

High-fat salad dressings pose an additional problem – and opportunity. Since they are usually eaten at the beginning of a meal, the fats in salads will affect how you digest the carbohydrates contained in the main courses. If your salad is high in saturated fats, then it is likely to increase the formation of fat. If it is high in unsaturated fats, then it will decrease the fat-forming ability of the rest of the meal. Thus, an olive-oil dressing may actually reduce the fat-forming capacity of the food that follows.

Remember that the total fat content of your entire meal must be less than 30 per cent. Therefore, if you start with a fatty salad dressing, then the rest of the meal must be correspondingly low in fat.

Many dieters eat lunches that consist only of salads because salads are low in calories. This is a prime example of how calorie counting can lead you to choose the wrong foods.