12 Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better


12Under Armour Smart PJS

If you’re not looking for any fancy sleep gadgets for your nightstand, these new smart pajamas may be the perfect solution for a restful night of shut-eye — especially if you’re an athlete.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady – an athlete who makes his sleep a priority — worked with Under Armour to develop these new pajamas so other athletes, and other people, can “rest, win and repeat,” too.

Under Armour’s new “Athlete Recovery Sleepwear” features a hexagonal infrared pattern on the inside of its shirts and pants, which helps your body recover faster, promotes sleep and reduces inflammation. Using athletic company TB12’s recovery technology, this print “absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back on the skin,” Under Armour explains.

These new pajamas are available on Under Armour’s website and in select Under Armour stores for around $100 per piece.