10 Tips for Losing Weight without Dieting

Forget about Diets

Strict diets don’t work and they mess with your head. The best approach is to make healthy changes you can live with and keep them up. You must enjoy your food and not feel in a constant state of deprivation

Get Help

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) is highly trained to provide you with personalized assessment advice and ongoing support. If you like the group approach, the Weight Watchers program is based on good nutrition and the psychology of successful weight loss.

Think Differently

When asked how they lost weight, many successful slimmers say they didn’t sweat the small stuff and stayed focused on the bigger picture. They had a long term goal of feeling and looking better and changed their thinking around food and weight to a more positive and encouraging mindset. Beating yourself up about your weight or that treat you ate is not helpful.

Be Realistic

Ignore popular television shows in which contestants shed half their body weight. They have used drastic measures that simply aren’t compatible with real life. Studies have shown losing 10 per cent of body weight is enough to experience significant health benefits.

Do It Slowly

Chances are your weight crept on slowly over time. Ideally it should come off in a similar fashion. You know this makes common sense, so be strong in the face of pressures for a quick fix.

Weigh Yourself Sensibly

Weigh yourself no more than once a week and ideally once a month for maintenance. Frequent weighing invites obsession and discourages big-picture thinking. Weighing sensibly, however, is a good monitoring strategy that can allow early intervention of weight gain.

Eat for Health

Before you eat something, ask yourself how much good it will do in your body and how you will feel afterwards. Eating for pure indulgence is okay on occasion, but everyday eating must support your health and well-being for you to be at your best. You deserve to feel good.

Get Rid of Guilt

Feeling guilty is appropriate after committing a crime, but eating a piece of chocolate or packet of crisps doesn’t qualify. Eating delicious food is not illegal or immoral.

Eat Smart

You have come to fitsmag.com, which is a fantastic step toward being more informed about the food you eat. If you focus on eating a balanced and nutritious diet with lots of vegetables, wholegrains and legumes, you will automatically eat less kilojoules.

Move Your Body

You were designed to move, so do whatever you can every day. Do it because it makes you feel good and because it is an important way to take care of yourself.