10 Things You Must Do to Avoid Fat Formation on Your Body


9Avoid Processed Foods

Food processing includes a wide variety of manufacturing techniques (freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurising) that make food easier to handle or to use.

The more processed the food, the more blood sugar it makes. Dr Janet Brand and her colleagues at the University of Sydney found that processing increased the glycaemic mdex of com by 60%; of rice, by 90%; and of potatoes, by 50%.

Ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat are sometimes added to processed foods to make their flavour more appealing and to prolong their shelf life, or in some cases to contribute to the food’s structure, such as salt in bread or sugar in cakes.

Most ready-to-eat foods including almost any food on a shelf in a food shop that are packaged in a bag or a box are processed foods. Foods that have been pre-cooked or altered so they take less time to cook are processed foods.

Examples of common processed foods include


  • breakfast cereals
  • cheese
  • tinned vegetables
  • bread
  • savoury snacks, such as crisps
  • meat products, such as bacon
  • “convenience foods”, such as microwave meals or ready meals
  • drinks, such as milk or soft drinks