10 Basic Yoga Postures for Beginners and Non-Flexible People

#10. Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Standing tall, with your knees slightly bent, (or sit straight) and take deep, slow inhalation from your diaphragm.

Exhale through your mouth.

Take four to six counts to inhale and at least six counts to exhale.

Repeat five to ten times.

#9. Plank

Plank Pose Yoga

Lie face down on the floor. Lift your body up, balancing on your hands and toes, with your hands on the mat, approximately shoulder-width apart (and shoulders over your wrists) and your toes in contact with the floor.

Try to keep your back as flat as possible (like a table).

#8. Downward Dog

Downward Dog

From the plank position, push back onto the heels of your feet, so that now the heels are in contact with the floor.

At the same time, lift your hips high into the air and press your arms back.

#7. Cobra

Cobra Pose Yoga

From plank position, press your hips down toward the floor as you arch your back and look up.

#6. Warrior

Warrior Yoga Pose

Stand, facing front, with your hands on your hips. The toes of your left foot should face front.

Take a wide step to the right, extending your right leg out to the side, rotating your right hip so that your right toes are pointed at an angle to the corners of the room.

Bend your right knee to the side. Reach with your arms out to the side.

Hold and breathe deeply. Repeat on other side.

#5. Triangle

Triangle Yoga Pose

From Warrior position, straighten the right knee and reach your right arm down as far as you can while extending your left arm up above your head; look at your left hand.

Switch sides.

#4. Standing Froward Bend

Standing Froward Bend

Standing with your legs wider than your shoulders, toes facing forward, bend your knees, arms stretched upward. Stretch forward, bringing your arms together in front of your head.

#3. Leg Stretch

Leg Stretch

Lie down on the mat. Bring your left knee into your chest. Extend that leg up to the ceiling, keeping the other leg straight out on the floor (you can bend the leg if it is easier for you to maintain proper form with your lower back in contact with the mat).

From here, hold the inside of your leg and open it out to the side, away from the midline of your body. Make sure you keep both hips down. Return the leg to the 90-degree position and hold the stretch again. Bend that knee and lower the leg to the floor. Switch legs.

#2. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

Lie on the floor, arms by your side. Relax all your muscles. Inhale and exhale. Feel all of your body – your muscles, bones, skin – melt into the floor.

#1. Child Pose

Child Pose Yoga

On your knees, rest your butt on your heels.

Bend forward, resting your forehead on the floor as you extend your arms.